Here's a couple things to help you get rolling.

Checkins are text messages we send you at the time you specify each day. These will simply say "Was today keto?" and you reply with y if today was adherant to Keto and n if today was not adherant.
Positive Checkin
If you reply with y to a Checkin, we'll increment your streak if you are currently on a streak or create a new one if you are not on a streak
Negative Checkin
If you reply with n to a Checkin, we'll end your current streak. You don't want this to happen.
Streaks are what makes this awesome, the bigger your streak the better things will be going for you both physically and with Was Today Keto?. If you ever want to know what your current streak level is, simply reply streak to Was Today Keto? and we'll let you know via text what your streak is. Alternatively you can login and that information is available in your account.
If you have a streak of more than 3 going, send sos via a reply to Was Today Keto? and we'll help you keep your streak strong!
Exactly what you think it would do, sending stop to Was Today Keto? immediately cease all future text messages. You'll have to text start again to resume messages.
If you previously messaged stop and would like to resume receiving messages from Was Today Keto? simply send start and you'll be resubscribed.

If you ever need help, either message me on twitter or email

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